VARCem - Virtual ARchaeological Computer EMulator


Automated builds

The auto-builds are the builds generated by the Travis-CI system we use, which sends them to the website as ZIP files, one per build type.

A build type can be any one of standard (regular build with default options and features), debug (same as regular, but with debugging enabled to help with finding problems), dev (same as debug, but with all `currently in development` options enabled as well, for testing those options.)

These archives contain executables for Windows systems.

Date Build# Commit# File name Description


364 c15df52 standard  debug  dev not available

For a complete list of automated builds, visit the Builds page.


Executables for Windows systems.

Date File name Description


14FEB Windows 32bit


14FEB Windows 32bit (Debug)


06OCT Windows 32bit


06OCT Windows 32bit (Debug)


v0.1.6.6 Windows Installer (32bit)

Executables for non-Windows systems.

These are no longer available, as work has shifted towards finishing up the Windows version first. Once work on the non-Windows variants starts again, the binaries will be available again.

If you really want these, contact us using the Feedback form!

ROM images

These images are needed by the emulator. If you have used the Installer version of the emulator, they were already installed. If you used the ZIP files, you need to also download and install the most recent ROM set.

You can always update the ROM set installed on your machine by downloading the most recent set here, and then manually installing that.

Date File name Description


ROM set Full ROM set (CURRENT)


ROM set Full ROM set (v1.7.x old)


ROM set Full ROM set (v1.6.x)


Below you will find some tools that can be useful while working with the emulator.

File name Description
GDB v7.12 Standalone (32bit) Standalone GDB
GDB v7.12 Standalone (64bit) Standalone GDB

Source Code

The latest sources can be checked out using the following command:

  git clone

Also, for each release, a ZIP archive with full sources will be released here for your convenience:

Date File name Description


v0.1.0 (zip) v0.1.0 sources (not yet available)